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 Player rules

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MesajSubiect: Player rules   Mar Ian 06, 2009 5:15 pm

Here is The Rules in-Game!
* Do not abuse.
* Do not Make Drop In Town.
* Do not Make KS.
* Do not Make PK On maps like:Devias(1,2,3),Arena(Stadium),Lorencia,Noria and Losttower7..
* Dont Pretending like an Admin.
* Do not kill newbies please, let them play and remember you where once like them.
* Any types of hacks are restricted, you will be punished for using them.
* If servers go down wait at least 10 minutes before starting to ask "why , when , how , will there..." .
* Do not flood\abuse\advirtise in Server.
* If you are a newbie and ask someone for free items and he says NO , Leave him alone!
* Dont tell your password to other players.
* Remember your secret answer and question for password recovery.
* If You Want To Make Pk But You Don''t Want To Go Murderer, Make PK In Losttower1.
Respect The Rules

No Pain No Game

Dati click aici si aveti admin pe server

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Player rules
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